Monday, October 27, 2008

Jacob "SUPERBABY" Costume

My Mom said she thought I was Super - and so she made me this cool red cape!
Yeah - I know its just a little long for crawling....

LOOK OUT!!! Is that an evil villian about to attack me? - Whew - it was just Uncle Jon.

Look! I'm FLYING!!!

No autographs please - I'm super baby - I don't ever WRITE yet!!! Lets do lunch.

Well - The Rogers family keeps moving - but we keep finding them... Hahaha! We spent the weekend of October 19th down in Tucson, Arizona to see William and hear him speak in church prior to leaving for HIS mission in Mendoza, Argentina. BOTH boys will be hablaing Espanol when they get home!!! WooHoo!

Here's the two old toots (Gordy and Richard)
on a swing and of course Gordy has stolen a
baby (one of Clifton & Christy's) to hug!

Here's Lindsay and her little cutie baby!

Alyson and Chris hosted dinner Saturday night and the kids all enjoyed playing in their newly landscaped back yard! What a great job they did inside and out! And dinner was delicious!!! Here's Alyson and William holding one of Alyson's boys...

Here's Jonathan, William and another on of Alyson's boys - content after eating a full dinner...
A good time was had by all - and Will reported to the MTC on the 22nd.

Matt Kim & Jacob come for a HUNTING trip!

Dad and Matt both got drawn for rifle deer this year and so Matt took the week off from work and we are having FUN!!! Here are the three guys all dressed up in CAMO - Look - Jacob even has camo booties!!!

Heres Mom & Dad with cutie baby Jacob after the opening day... you would know of course Matt's child would have camo baby clothes...

Sunday after church of course they had to teach him to be manly and watch football!
Baby Jacob got several baths in the kitchen sink... just the right size for him! He is SO GOOD NATURED and we have had lots of fun having them all around!!!

Jonathan's MISSION Call Came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday - 3Oct 2008 - Almost a full week after the Bishop said his call was "mailed" and ceremoniously checking the mailbox every day - IT FINALLY CAME!!!!!!!!!! It read:

Elder Jonathan Gartner - you are hereby called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Mexico Leon Mission. He will report to the MTC on February 11th 2009! WooHoo!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jon & Gordon's Birthday

Sunday the whole family came up here to celebrate Jonathan and Gordon's birthdays. Jonathan was also ordained and will put in his papers to serve a mission soon! Here he is with Matthew, two big Cardinal fans!

And here's Gordon opening his gifts with little baby Jacob watching.

It was nice to have the family together. It happens so rarely. We loved seeing them all!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Last weekend we had the grandkids, Alex and Landon up for a visit along with Becky and her kids Eliana and Tavian. We had dinner out on the porch a couple of times.We went for walks around the lake and the kids played at the park. They had so much fun!
Here are the boys just relaxing. Girls, beware the Gartner curse.
Gordon, the big kid, playing with the little kids on the playground equipment.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recent Family Pictures

Gordon, Becky and the grandkids (Alex, Landon, Tavian, Eliana) at a recent trip to the zoo.

My son Matt and daughter in law Kim.

Matt and Kim's son Jacob.
My daughter Becky, son in law Julio and their kids Eliana and Tavian.